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General Productivity

General Productivity

Collection of tips for getting more done with less and with greater focus
  • Busy VS. Effective¬†

    “Being Busy” IS NOT the same as “Being Effective” Being busy (checking email, doing unimportant work) is usually a means...
  • Work in Progress = Waste

    Work in Progress = Waste You are delivering 0 value while things are “in progress”. Example: multiple tasks or projects...
  • Flow and Multitasking

    “People don’t multitask because they’re good at it. They do it because they are more distracted. ¬†They have trouble inhibiting...
  • Parkinson’s Law

    Parkinson’s Law: Perceived work will swell to the time allotted for the activity. Break it up. Short deadlines (sprints)
  • Pareto’s Law

    Pareto’s Law: Who he is and the Pea Garden. 80/20 rule 80% of value derived from 20% of features. <link...